From How to Why: the path to become a brand strategist.

I spend most of my free time watching Crime TV Series, like Sherlock or Criminal Minds. It's fascinating how they merge technology and human behaviour understanding to solve murders. And, there is one thing that I've learned from those TV Series that had a huge impact on me: when solving a murder, knowing "HOW" it was done doesn't matter if inspectors can't understand "WHY" it was done.

During my degree in informatics engineering, professors have always taught and encouraged me to look for the better way to create something. But, over time, I realized that, just like the inspectors from TV Series, to know "HOW" to create something, I must understand "WHY" should I create it. Since then, my focus has shifted from creation to thinking; from computer science to user experience and from execution to strategy.


Start with Why.

My WHY is to accelerate the potential and growth of startups by helping them to create engaging experiences, amaze their customers and differentiate from the competition in order to achieve their greatness.


The core values that drive everything I do.

Talent is just one of the variables to achieve personal success. While definitely brings you some leverage, it won’t make you stand out. What makes you special are the passion and values that you bring to everything you do. Here are mine:

The Extra Mile.

For me, work doesn't end when I leave the office. If there's a challenge that I'm trying to solve, I can't turn off my brain and stop thinking about it. I go home, I dive into my books and I spend many of my sleeping hours trying to figure out how to solve it.

Led by process.

I don't rely on inspiration to solve my problems. I believe that having a clear roadmap, where all the steps of the journey are connected, is the key to achieve success more easily and more often.

Passionate Thinker.

In today's hurrying society, the ones that take time to think are privileged. Throughout the day, I reserve several blocks of time to think, either it's about a specific challenge, my to-do list for that day or visioning my future.

Hungry Learner.

We have the luck to live in an era where information is more reachable and cheaper than ever. I make sure that I spend some of my time (and money) investing on my education and learning new things that I’ll be able to put to use to make my life better.


There are a few things that I can do to help your brand.

As a result of my leap from execution to strategy, I combine capabilities to build solutions rooted in technology and data analysis, and driven by strong human behaviour understanding required to create a relevant and unified brand. Here's how I can help you:

I can help to
[ Think. ]

Together we collaborate to define a digital roadmap for your brand based on business goals, user's needs and market opportunities.

Business Consulting . Branding . Data Science . Research
< Create. />

From user-friendly websites to highly-engaging content, I can help you to ideate, iterate and build a solution that best suits your needs.

Design Sprint . Service Design . Web Development . Content Creation

To best reach and engage with your audience, we develop a strategic approach to paid, owned and earned content in each channel.

Digital Campaings . Content Strategy . Social Media . SEO